Oil Painting Quick Studies!

Finally photographed some quick oil studies that I did the first half of the year.  All of these were done really quick, executed in under 90 minutes.  I did a TON of these, maybe seventy or so; I’m not completely sure at this moment.  I may post more in the future, we shall see.






















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Website Updates

Just some recent work that I’ve added to my website.  The first couple are part of a project I’ve been working on;  it’s a retelling of the Völsunga Saga.  You can view the rest of them on my main website (www.derekdedgell.com).

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You know, sometimes things in life just go pear shaped.

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Website updates

Finally updated my website with stuff from the past four or so months.

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Spring Show

So the academy’s spring show is opening today at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF, and I’m not in SF to go.  Rather disappointing.  Anyways these are the 6 images of mine that got into the show:

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Some charcoal drawings done in a class I’m taking.  The resolution on these images is pretty low, and there was a bit of lens warping.  I took these rather quick with a rather old digital camera; its all I have on hand at the moment.

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Portrait sketch done in oil from live model; three hours of paint time total.  I used a very limited palette of permalba white, yellow ochre, cadmium red light (hue), and ivory black.  This was a really fun painting, and every time the model would get ready to pose he’d say ‘three, two, one…makeart!  Awesome.


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Something Finished and a Sketch or Two

The first image is my finished rendition of a sketch I post a little while ago, and below are two random environment sketches from imagination.  The last one turned out rather boring, but these are fun to do, and good warm-up besides.

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